Overcoming Being Overwhelmed

Entering into God’s Rest

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How to enter into God’s Rest when you are weary from carrying a heavy load.

How can we overcome the feeling of being overwhelmed?  In the hour we live, there is so much to do with seemingly no time to get everything done.  Responsibilities seem insurmountable and we see no way out of the modern day “rat race.”  The world around us seems to crowd us in with overwhelming circumstances, impending doom and threatening evil, which adds additional stress to our already busy days. God wants us to be able to enter into His rest and learn to follow His leading in all things so that these foreboding things will not threaten us as, He wants us to have His perspective.  God does not want us to live stressful lives when we face these kinds of circumstances.  We all, at times, find ourselves with more things that need to be done that just keep piling up, while we are unable to complete the things we already have on our “to do” list. The Bible addresses this dilemma throughout its pages.  The book of Proverbs is a good place to start reading as it is a very practical book that can bring help and rest to our souls in our everyday lives.   (We offer a daily devotional book that is a mini-study of Proverbs which can be read in just 5 minutes a day). Go to this link:

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I want to share, as a Christian, the things that helped me to overcome this feeling of being overwhelmed and gave me the freedom to live my days in peace and joy. I want to give you some information on how to manage your time as well as your projects so you can do the same and enter into God’s rest spoken of in the New Testament. (more…)

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