Should Christians Prepare for a Global Monetary Crash?

Is Bitcoin Real Money? What about Gold and Silver?

A Looming Global Monetary Crash Coming Soon?

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All the top financial experts are predicting a soon coming global stock market crash that will include bank closures, as they see a total collapse in the entire financial system that could result in a change to the entire monetary system of America. They see this crash happening not only the USA, but one that will affect the entire world. The root cause of this crash is attributed to the printing of trillions of dollars of paper money that will result in deflation of the dollar which will lead to a depression world-wide, since most of the nations are all doing the same thing. (I will address more about this below.)  The majority of well-known financial experts all agree about the crash coming, they just do not know when it will happen. Most think it is imminent.  Where they disagree, is in their approach as to what we should do about it.

Many financial speculators are giving financial advice and telling people to protect their life savings and move their cash to Bitcoin or silver and gold or real estate or hard assets. Is all their advice scriptural? Is some of it good?  There is talk of governments moving to a cashless society and using crypto and/or digital currencies. What is real money?  What are crypto currencies? Is Bitcoin a safe investment?  How will these things affect us? Will there be inflation and a depression?  Is there something we can do to protect our life savings? As Christians, who can we trust? Should Christians even be involved in this discussion? When will this happen? Is the new administration making plans to change our entire financial system? I will attempt to answer some of these questions in this article by sharing my personal opinions after some research and study and scriptural advice from the Word of God. The most important thing will be our faith in God to sustain and protect us and lead us in these matters..


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