Bud & Betty Miller, co-founders of Christ Unlimited Ministries and BibleResources.org
Bud & Betty Miller, co-founders of Christ Unlimited Ministries and BibleResources.org

Betty Miller and her husband, Bud, were co-founders of the Bible.com website back in 1994 and have now moved their ministry content to their newest website, BibleResources.org.  They have served as pastors, teachers, and evangelists, with an apostolic/prophetic calling to proclaim the gospel through the Internet. Bud was a business man prior to his call to the ministry. He is a man of wisdom and encourages all in the Word of God. Betty is a teacher of the Word of God, with a beautiful ability to present and write the truth in a simple and understandable way. She has authored 21 books, plus numerous articles and teachings, posted at the BibleResources.org website. She attributes her gift of writing to the Lord.

Through a miraculous event, Bud and Betty were able to obtain the Bible.com domain name back in 1994 and then, in 2012, in their senior years, have now founded another Bible based website called BibleResources.org.  God has used the Millers on the Internet to reach millions of people each month, around the world, with the Word of God. They are both servants of God who walk in faith and humbly attribute their gifts to God as they continue to minister over the Internet. The current website, BibleResources.org, is devoted to helping people understand and grow in God by providing many Bible resources and tools free. The website offers an enhanced Bible search feature to help the user find what they are looking for in the Bible.  The website also offers Bibles, Bible Studies, Bible Tools, a Prayer Room, Bible Answers, Bible Teachings, Daily Devotionals, a Ministry Bookstore, plus many other Christian resources.

Betty’s most popular book, God’s Wisdom for Daily Living is a 365 daily devotional based on the entire book of Proverbs.  This unique book is more than just a daily devotional, but is a series of mini-teachings, helping people to both study and mediate on the Word of God. Proverbs reveals the Wisdom of God, and helps us know how to deal with the every-day problems we all face. You can purchase the book or read free daily on the website at: http://bibleresources.org/devotional.

The Millers are planning a new video outreach in the near future, as they minister at their chapel services from their headquarters in Northern Arizona.

The Christ Unlimited Offices are located in Dewey, AZ, USA.