Betty Miller

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Betty Miller, Co-founder Christ Unlimited Ministries

Born in Seminole, Texas in 1940, Betty accepted the Lord Jesus as her Savior when she was 12 years old in her aunt’s small Baptist Church in San Angelo, Texas. There she went to school and spent the days of her youth. In 1972, she received the Holy Spirit at a Full Gospel Businessman’s meeting in Odessa, Texas, and her life completely changed. Betty operated her own medical lab, and working as a lab technician she had the exposure to be around many sick people. As she reached out in compassion for them, her prayer of faith brought healing to many. People began driving many miles to have her pray for them, and the Lord continued to pour forth His healing miracles and deliverance through Betty, as well as many other gifts of the Spirit. As she began to receive more invitations to minister, Betty quit her job and went full-time into ministry as an evangelist in 1974.

In 1977, she met and married R.S. “Bud” Miller, and together they formed Christ Unlimited Ministries. They moved to Prescott, Arizona in 1978 and later pioneered and established an inter-denominational church there, which they pastored for 13 years (Christ Unlimited Fellowship — Dewey, Az.). She has ministered in several African nations, as well as Nepal, India and Mexico. Betty is a teacher of the Word of God, with a beautiful ability to present truth in a simple and understandable way. She has authored 21 books, plus numerous articles and teachings posted on the website. She attributes her gift of writing to the Lord. Many times the prophetic gifts of the Holy Spirit will flow through Betty in the Word of Knowledge and Word of Wisdom bringing encouragement and solutions to the problems in the lives of those present.

Through a miraculous event, Betty and Bud were able to obtain a website called and ministered to millions of people for the 18 years they owned it. God has now directed them in their new outreach on the website to reach the world with the Word of God. Since 1996, Betty and Bud, along with the Christ Unlimited Ministries staff, have worked full time on hosting and developing their Bible websites of which,, the newest one is offering the Bible in over 140 different languages, a Prayer Room, Bibles Answers, Bible Teachings, Daily Devotionals, a weekly blog, a Chapel Bookstore, plus many other Christian resources. Serving on two different non-profit boards and a for-profit board over the years, Betty also has an understanding of the Christian marketplace. She is a woman who shares her life as wife, mother, business woman and minister; and most of all, her love of the Lord, whom she credits with making her life one of purpose and joy. She and Bud live in the mountains of northern Arizona where she continues to write and minister. They have four children, seven grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.

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