25 Ways to Increase Your Prayer Life

I have listed below some of the things the Lord taught me personally regarding my daily prayer life. I pray they will bless you and help you in ways to pray so that you can see the answers to your own prayers.


” … carry everything to God in prayer” from the beloved hymn ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’

“… carry everything to God in prayer” from the beloved hymn ‘What a Friend We Have in Jesus’
  1. Schedule a regular daily prayer time and ask God to help you keep it. Set a time to pray and how long you plan to pray. You can start with a short time and then increase it as you are able.
  2. Turn off cell phones or do not answer phones while in prayer. You are talking to God. Share your heart with God just as you would a dear friend. This will establish a strong relationship with God.
  3. Set a good place to pray and have your Bible, pen, paper and other devotional books near as God may speak to you through them. (We have daily devotionals online here.)
  4. Do not wait until a perfect time to pray. If you have trouble praying in the mornings, pray in the evenings to cover the next day until you can pray in the mornings too. The time of day you pray is not as important as actually praying. You can even pray at noon breaks.
  5. Sandwich prayers during wait times. “Pray on the hoof.” You can pray in your driving time.
  6. Pray without ceasing. Stay in a praying attitude at all times. Talk to God about everything. Things become easier to do when you discuss them with God and He shows you how to accomplish something. 1 Thessalonians 5:17
  7. Pray the news. When you hear of bad news pray right then. Pray for the salvation and deliverance of people you see on the Internet and TV. Pray for good to overcome evil. Current News Items to pray about at a link posted in the Prayer room.
  8. Pray publically when someone asks you to pray for them, stop right then and grab their hands and pray for them (when possible) and do not let pride keep you from praying in public places. We can pray quietly with others to help them.
  9. Pray over your meals at home and in public giving thanks to God for your food and ask God to cleanse it as well.
  10. Develop a habit of praying agreement and intercessory prayers with your mate, family or friends. Our prayers should agree with God’s will and His Word and then we can agree together for the needed answers. https://bibleresources.org/prayer/
  11. If something unexpected comes up and you cannot pray during your regular prayer time, don’t skip the prayer, just say a short prayer to cover what just came up.
  12. Make an appointment to pray with your family. Establish a “Family Altar” time. Read The Prayer Saturated Family written by Cheryl Sacks, a friend of mine, who has changed many lives and impacted this world through prayer.
  13. Arrange a prayer meeting in your home weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.
  14. Attend prayer meetings announced in your area. There is power in praying corporately.
  15. Read Christian books and articles on prayer. We provide helps on how to pray in the Bible Resources.org Prayer Room at Prayer Room
  16. Pray the scripture. Many of the Psalms, as well as other Bible verses you can personalize, as they are God’s promises to us, as Christians. Praying the Scripture
  17. Pray the Lord’s Prayer and ask God what is on His heart that needs prayer and pray those prayers as well as praying for others. Matthew 6:9-13
  18. Make your thought life one of prayer. When you see people on the street or elsewhere who are obviously hurting, stressed or in sin, pray for them silently.
  19. Ask God to send you a prayer partner, as agreement in prayer is very powerful.
  20. Add fasting to your prayers, as God leads, as it speeds up the answers to your prayers. Bible Fasting
  21. Pray in the Holy Spirit by praying in tongues, especially when you do not know how to pray as the Spirit of God will pray through you according to the will of God. What the Bible Says About Praying in Tongues.
  22. Pray during praise and worship times as praise will prepare your heart to touch God.
  23. Pray for others by laying your hands on them and anointing them with oil as you pray for their needs, especially healing. Prayer Helps
  24. Mix faith with your prayers and expect God to answer as He delights to answer our prayers.
  25. Read God’s Wisdom for Daily Living Devotional by Betty Miller that has a daily prayer within the devotional at this link: https://bibleresources.org/daily-bible-devotional/

Prayer from Betty Miller:

“Father, I come to you in Jesus’ name and ask that you guide the one who is reading this in their individual prayer times and in their personal prayer life. May they feel your presence as they seek You.  Give them Your revelation in the things they need to pray about and may they hear Your voice as they pray and seek You about their concerns.  May they gain Your wisdom as they pray and have the grace to apply it in their everyday lives. Let them understand the Word of God and always pray according to the Word of God and the Will of God.  Father, give them the time to pray and also a love for praying and increase their faith as they see the answers to their prayers coming forth in Your time. I ask this in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.”


For more help in your personal prayer life you can go to the Prayer Room at BibleResources.org at this link: https://bibleresources.org/prayer-room/

Betty Miller has also written a book that deals with prayer entitled “Keys to the Kingdom” that can be downloaded free at this link: https://bibleresources.org/inspirational-bible-books/  You can also obtain a workbook on this subject that will guide you if you lead home Bible Studies.